The Association of the Economic and Scientific Organisations
is a nationwide scientific, professional, non-profit and non-governmental organisation following the principle of self-government of economic, financial and technical professionals and organisations operating in the field of entrepreneurship, economy and management (industry, financial transactions, commerce, services, public offices).

The aim of the Association
In order to facilitate and develop economy and science, the aim is to promote the creation and protection of values (industry, agriculture, service, commerce, defence and law enforcement, education, public property management, administration of justice), innovation, assist in solving financing problems (bank, foreign currency, loans, customs, taxes, insurance), support ownership, exchange and provision of information, creation of workplaces, European integration and cooperation within the Carpathian basin as part of an international activity related to Hungarians living in the neighbouring countries.

GTTSZ is a non-profit organisation,
so professionals can attend its events supported by sponsors free of charge. We consider it important to share scientific-professional knowledge and the opinion and recommendations of experts with organisations preparing and making decisions as well as supporting and legal members, and all professionals interested in a certain topic.