Clause 2.2. of the Charter also lists the services the Association provides to legal members either directly or indirectly.

Besides the services listed in the Charter, the Association provides further, specific services:

  • GTTSZ organises forums and events where participants can express their views, share their experiences and make contacts. They can express their opinion and make recommendations regarding legal regulations already in effect or under development and gain new information.
  • Our publications dealing with current economic and management issues and providing short and long term strategic and tactical recommendations are sent to them via regular mail. Our Newsletter and other written documents are freely available to our legal members.
  • Preparing publications (company profiles, product descriptions, catalogues) and publishing them in various languages upon request.
  • Providing legal advice (taxes, customs, loans etc.) upon request.
  • Organising conferences upon demand.
  • Providing advertising surface for introduction in the Newsletter and on our website.
  • Organising professional trainings and special trainings upon assignment.
  • Providing expert advice nationwide (material testing, supervision of pressure vessels, providing authority certificates) upon request.